CHIRIBITA was born in 2018 under the premise “slow fashion” for special occasions.

Our designs are made for women who like to wear effortless and timeless pieces, women who are looking to look different and to feel unique and special.

Its creator, María Parra, defines her project as a fashion brand focused on creating a special feeling in the woman who wears a CHIRIBITA, betting on the “made in Spain” offering versatile and timeless collections,

We proud ourself to be a “made in Spain” brand, we work hard hand to hand with local suppliers and manufacturers ensuring the best quality and at the same time a collection sustainable and fair. (high quality)

Maria always had CHIRIBITA on her mind, fashion was her passion from very young age. She graduated Fashion Design in Madrid in 2014 and since then she has worked tirelessly to create this amazing brand and to see her dream come true.

CHIRIBITA keeps growing, our collections are getting bigger and we try new pieces, always searching for new challenges and breaking new grounds, all this without losing sight of our essence.

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